FAITH360: The Puzzle of Paul

Frequently Asked Questions

The Rev’d Dr Marian Free answers these commonly asked question about Paul, his ideas and their legacy.    For use with the 'FAITH360: The Puzzle of Paul' seminar. Or just watch to learn stuff! Either way is fine!

Did Paul Found Christianity?

If the depiction of Paul in Acts is problematic, should we ignore Acts?

What thinking is there about the nature of Paul's "thorn in the flesh"?

Did Paul's own thinking develop? For instance, did his understanding or interpretation of Jesus' return change over time...early letters to later letters?

Paul was a leader in the Jewish faith. Do we need to understand Judaism to understand Paul?

If you could travel back in time and ask Paul one question, what would it be? What might his answer be?

We can learn a lot about Paul from his adventures in Acts but some people say that's problematic. What's that all about?

What influenced Paul's view of the Christian Story?

Because of some controversial ideas here and there, some people write Paul off. What should our attitude to Paul and his ideas be?

Why did Paul talk more of his own experience of Jesus rather than the words of Jesus?

If you could pick one of Paul's books to last into the next generation, which would you choose and why?

How influential was Paul for your own vocation?