Training for the Pilgrim course

Step one: Understanding the Pilgrim  course

Step one: Find out about Pilgrim: a course for the Christian journey. Presented by Jonathan Sargeant and with co-author Paula Gooder this video tells you about aim, structure, intended audience and more.

Step two: Small group leader training

Jonathan Sargeant examines the different processes that power small groups with lots of tips and ideas along the way...

Step three: Got a question you'd like answered?

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Powerpoint presentation and handouts...

Click here if you want a copy of the Pilgrim orientation presentation used on the 25th of October at St Francis college by Jonathan Sargeant.  It doesn't contain the Paula Gooder videos but you can access them in the Orientation video

Click here if you'd like a copy of the handout material from the orientation and small group leaders training...

Some more information about the processes of small groups can be found here.  Written by Adam Lowe, it includes material about the purposes of small groups too.  Interesting!

Some of the small group training material used in the Pilgrim Orientation comes from the second BIBLE360 module: Small Groups Facilitation workshop.  Like to book one of those for your deanery?  Contact Jonathan Sargeant!


Styles of

Faith development

Here's a short summary  that helps to articulate different styles of faith and why these might be important.  This is crucial whether you minister with adults, children or young people!