FAITH360: Praying in Anglican Ways

Frequently Asked Questions

Doctor Peter Kline, Academic Dean and lecturer in Systematic Theology at St Francis College, Milton answers these commonly asked question about doing theology.    It’s just thinking about faith in a systematic way! For use with the 'FAITH360: Faith Seeks Understanding' seminar. Or you can just watch to learn stuff. Either way is fine!

How would you define “Theology”?

Is theology elitist?

Are there ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ theologies? How can you tell?

Tell us about a theologian you admire, and why?

Why is the study of theology important?

Who does theology? Specially trained people? Everyone?

What does it look like when someone is doing theology?

How did you get interested in becoming a theologian?

What are some of theology’s BIG questions?

Are there any ‘traps’ people fall into whilst trying to do theology?