1. What is Pilgrim: a course the Christian journey and what is it trying to do?

Pilgrim is a course of small group material designed to enable people to grow in their Christian faith through exploration in a group setting. There are eight books in the series and six of those are currently available.  Sessions are 60-90 minutes and involve discussion, watching videos, praying and a bit of thought.
Paula Gooder, one of the co-authors of Pilgrim: a course for the Christian journey explains the aims of the program.



2. Where does it come from and who wrote it?

Pilgrim comes from The Church of England.  Published by Church House Publishing, it was written by a team of clergy and lay, theologians and teachers, including Stephen Cottrell, Steven Croft, Paula Gooder, and Robert Atwell.  You can find out more about the authors by clicking here.



3. Who is the intended audience for Pilgrim?

The way Pilgrim is written means that any bible study/small group could use it.  It can be used with new Christians, although the use of open questions means that experienced travelers on the path can also answer and discuss at their own level.  Here's co-author Paula Gooder on this question...
Paula Gooder, one of the co-authors of Pilgrim: a course for the Christian journey explains who the participants of the course might be.

4. How is the material structured?

The material comes in two stages.  First there is the Follow stage, with four books: Turning to Christ, The Lord's Prayer, The Commandments and The Beatitudes.  Each of those books features six sessions of 60-90 minutes.  Then there is the Grow stage, also with four books: The Creeds, the Eucharist, The Bible, and Church and Kingdom.  There is also a Leader's Guide, helpful for those who hope to facilitate a group.  The guide aims to help leaders understand the material, as well as offering extra liturgical resources.
Because of the flexible nature of the material, it is possible to choose any book as a starting point.  You can begin with the first book and progress through as in the table above.  Or, you can start wherever your group's interest lies; it's totally up to you!



5. Why has Brisbane diocese decided to put a focus on it?

Acknowledging that we are all disciples, we want everyone to have a growing faith!  This material gives us a great foundation to make that happen.  It's written so that parishes of any flavour could use it.  It has supporting video and audio material for every session. It can be used by new and/or experienced Christians.  It is designed so that new leaders could easily find their feet using it.  Imagine a whole generation of new small groups and new leaders arising from the possibilities provided by this material!



6. Is there a website with more information and support?

There are two!  The Church of England provides www.pilgrimcourse.org which features explanatory material, promo flyers, invitations as well as the video and audio reflections for every session.  Our diocese has  www.formedfaith.org . (That's where you are now!) Here you'll find training material, and other support for leaders.  You  can register your group to get regular support and learn from the many groups around the diocese using the material.  Soon, there'll be a section featuring "Australian Angle" material: extra bits and pieces to supplement each session to add an Australian flavour to it.



7. Where can I purchase the books?

You can purchase the books though the Cathedral Shop.  Click here to get the contact details.



8. How can I get support for my Pilgrim group?

Registering your group with Lay Education Officer, Jonathan Sargeant will enable your group to get regular support.  You can do that here.



9. If you still have a question, then ask it using this form. Jonathan Sargeant will get back to you as soon as possible.

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