After the success of BIBLE360: Introduction to the Bible, it made sense to expand the project to include opportunities for learning in other areas related to faith and faith formation.  Using the distinctive '360' concept of exploring issues from all sides, you see before you:  The 360 Project!

The 360 Project features three colour coded streams...

Click on each of these to see the modules available so far. The new modules are listed there...

BIBLE360 workshops : featuring further exploration of scripture and scripture-related issues. 

FAITH360 workshops : featuring exploration of faith/spirituality issues such as prayer, worship, small group leadership skills, theological reflection, application of faith to life issues and so on.

MISSION360 workshops : featuring exploration of issues to do with Anglicans being God’s people in the world.  Modules here might include everything from “Being a More Welcoming Church” to “Pathways to Growth” to “Engaging Your Community with Justice Issues.”

What's new about The 360 Project?

Head here to find out all about it.  We'll be waiting back here for you when you come back!

How do the modules work? 

If you'd like to run a 360 Project module in your parish, deanery or agency, simply register your interest by clicking the blue button.  You'll be contacted by someone from the FormedFaith office to work out the details - date, venue, promotion etc

Who leads them?

The new modules in the 360 Project can be led by local experts; the priest in yours or a neighbouring parish or someone one else with a bit of background knowledge and training in the field.  Each module comes with presenter's notes to assist this.  But you can also invite Jonathan Sargeant or the writers of the material (as available).  Sometimes that suits best! It's really up to whatever suits your parish, deanery or agency and gets a crowd involved! 

How can I be trained to lead the new modules?

In order to become trained to lead the modules, a role open to clergy in the Anglican Church Southern Queensland diocese and suitable lay people appointed by them, you'll need to watch the orientation video and peruse the materials, to see if you think you are suitable.  Click here to do that...

Who should do them?

Everyone! Well, anyone who wants to grow their faith a little or at least understand it more.  The chance to get together with a group of people interested in doing that is exciting and never fails to leave people inspired.

More Information

There's lots of information about the 360 Project on this website but if you have other questions and would like to speak to a real human-type person, call the Formedfaith office at St Francis Theological College on (07) 35147442.