John Roberto - Audio and Video

Lay Conference video

Okay, the camera angle isn't oscar-winning standard but here's John Roberto at our Lay Conference.  Download the PowerPoints he was using here and follow along...

First the Archbishop sets the scene...

Vision and Practices for 21st Century Faith Formation
Session 1 and 2 below explore the vision and key practices for 21st century faith formation that can guide a church in developing faith formation for all ages and generations that address the diversity of people’s life situations, needs, spiritual hungers, and religious needs. Congregations need a comprehensive approach that includes five interconnected components: intergenerational relationships and faith experiences at church, lifelong faith formation from childhood through adulthood, family faith formation at home, missional faith formation to the uninvolved and unaffiliated, and online and digitally-enabled faith formation to reach everyone.

Models of 21st Century Faith Formation
Session 3 and 4? Through the presentation of a variety of examples and illustrations congregations can envision how to strengthen intergenerational community, promote lifelong faith growth, engage families, reach the uninvolved and unaffiliated, and use digitally-enabled approaches to reach everyone.