What's new about The 360 Project?

Okay, lets get to the point.

There are new modules

The new modules are...

360 FSU logo closeup.png

FAITH 360 The Puzzle of Paul - Get to know Paul, his writings and the difference they make to you! find out more about this module here

FAITH360 Faith Seeks Understanding - It’s an Intro to Theology seminar, all in one day! find out more about this module here

and there are more on the way...

There's a new approach

Previously, modules were led by a handful of presenters.  That was great but it slowed down the roll out of the program.

Now, modules in the 360 Project can be led by local experts; the priest in yours or a neighbouring parish or someone one else with a bit of background knowledge and training in the field.  Each module comes with presenter's notes to assist this.  We’re working on a plan to train more experts. But you can also invite Jonathan Sargeant or Fiona Hammond, too...

There are three streams

Previously there was just BIBLE360.  That was great but it limited the kinds of things we could learn and talk about. But now...

The 360 Project features three colour coded streams...

BIBLE360 workshops : featuring further exploration of scripture and scripture-related issues. 

FAITH360 workshops : featuring exploration of faith/spirituality issues such as prayer, worship, small group leadership skills, theological reflection, application of faith to life issues and so on.

MISSION360 workshops : featuring exploration of issues to do with Anglicans being God’s people in the world.  Modules here might include everything from “Being a More Welcoming Church” to “Pathways to Growth” to “Engaging Your Community with Justice Issues.”