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Understanding the Church

Why is the Church as it is?  What does it see as God's work? What is it doing now? Why so many questions?? Here's a spot for sharing about this stuff and seeking answers too.

To start, here's a series of videos featuring Archbishop Phillip Aspinall as he explores Anglican identity.  We've edited a 45 minute speech into 5 segments, each with discussion questions.  Archbishop Phillip does an excellent job of identifying who Anglicans are and how we came to be, suggesting strengths and the challenges we face.

Head here to see the whole series,or here for the individual bits

1.       Exploring Anglican Identity: Anglicans before Henry VIII?

2.       Exploring Anglican Identity: Reformation - Tradition & Order

3.       Exploring Anglican Identity: The Scriptural Emphasis

4.       Exploring Anglican Identity: Reason & Experience

5.       Exploring Anglican Identity: The Middle Way

And what about the Eucharist itself?  What exactly is going on there? Click here to learn about our booklet The Eucharist Explained which helps to demystify Anglican worship. A $5 donation gets you a copy (oh, and maybe some postage too, depending on how far way you are!)

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