63 of the best church websites of 2015

What does your church website say about your parish? It's an interesting exercise to approach your website as a newcomer and make a list of things you'd learn if that was your first exposure...

Pro Church Tools has just released what it considers to be the best Church websites of 2015 and it's interesting to glance through.  Why?

You might do so to get some ideas for your own website.  With the preponderance of website template services like weebly and squarespace (which formedfaith.org uses) it's easier than ever to create a great church website.  Such a website provides browsers (typically new people to your community looking around for a church to join) with not only information but also an attractive feeling or vibe about your church. 

The best thing is that you need next to no expertise to create an attractive, simple and easy to navigate website with these services.

So glance through the document for many ideas.  You may disagree with some of the choices but it's a great style guide.

What local church websites would you add?