ADVENT - last minute ideas


Suggestions are flowing as for advent resources for this season.  Here are a few…

In Touch with God : Advent meditations on biblical prayers / Michael and Rosemary Green [2017] (The Archbishop of York's Advent book, 2017)
Abstract: “Abraham, Moses, Hannah, David, Isaiah, Mary...This sequence of twenty-five meditations looks at how great biblical heroes of faith turned to God in times of need and in times of joy, showing how a better understanding of their experience can help us to keep in touch with God today.”
This could be adapted as a group study.



Unearthly Beauty : through Advent with the saints / Magdalen Smith [2017]

Abstract: “Advent is about arrival - the arrival of Jesus into our world in poverty and vulnerability amidst unusual circumstances. For the world then, as now, Christ's coming generated a mixed response from a variety of people - anxiety, threat, expectation and hope. For Christians, entering Advent calls for fresh reflection on our faith, and this book aims to provide stimulating material for the journey up to (and including) Christmas. It is inspired by well-known, as well as more obscure, holy people from the past whom the church calls saints - people of unearthly beauty who reveal to us a deeper understanding of the fluid nature of divine grace.”



The Uncluttered Heart : making room for God during Advent and Christmas / Beth A. Richardson [2009]

Abstract: “The Uncluttered Heart offers four weeks of guided reflection through the weeks of Advent on through Epiphany. Each day provides a quotation, reflection, scripture passage, prayer and a "word" to carry you through the day.”

Contents: First week of Advent: hope -- Second week of Advent: peace -- Third week of Advent: joy -- Fourth week of Advent: love -- Christmas and Epiphany: presence -- Group study guide -- Advent and Christmas litanies.