I Believe

Janet's new study believe

IBelieve: reflections on our shared faith by Janet Dyke, Lakeside Publishing

As belief becomes increasingly individualised by our society, Janet Dyke’s new collection of studies represents a gentle call to something different: belief in community.

I Believe: reflections on our shared faith enables small groups to examine the Apostles Creed, that document of the early church that began to define the lines of demarcation between establishing Christianity and other off-shoots and faiths.

The slim book features seven sessions: Believe, Father, Christ, Ascend, Spirit, Forgive and Life.  Each contains material to draw participants into a conversation with the text.  There is some supporting historical material as well. Janet manages to offer this in a non-threatening way that nevertheless does not shy away from the big challenges that some of the ideas in the creed engender.  Her questions for discussion are foundational, just right for a group finding its feet in the arena of belief.  That she does so in a manner that will enable long time believers to answer and discuss at their own level is to her credit.

There’s a real knack here for connecting ancient ideas with present realities which is the secret of good small group faith formation material.  Drawing on her own life experience brings a personal touch here and there which grounds the studies nicely.

In an age where individualism often brings loneliness, focusing on what binds us together is a vital task of the church.  Ms Dyke has successfully helped us along that path.

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 Jonathan Sargeant, Lay Education Officer, St Francis College