Learning to be ethical - "Formed by Love"

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Formed by Love / Scott Bader-Saye [2017]
Formed by Love is the 5th volume of the Church’s Teachings for a Changing World series.
“If love is just a good feeling, it will do little to help us live well. But if love is the energy
of gift that made the earth and the stars, if it is the force of connection that moves us into
common life, if it is the very nature of a God who exists as three persons in an eternal dance
of reciprocating charity – then love is exactly the place to start when we think about Christian
ethics.” – Preface.
The book has been set in three parts: Part I looks at some distinctive aspects of the Episcopal
(Anglican Church in the USA) ethos that shape a particular kind of moral life. Part II looks at
big ethical questions including the relationship between goodness and happiness, the place of
rules and desires in the moral life, the significance of love and justice, and engagement with
those who are different. Part III examines how an Episcopal ethos might shape a typical day –
seeing Morning Prayer and Compline as bookends of moral formation between which we work,
eat, and play in ways that are distinctive to our identity. This book could be ideal for a small
study group; it is small, inexpensive, includes discussion questions, and is directly relevant to
everyday living.

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