Evangelism for everyone?

Recommended by Roscoe Library here at St Francis Theological College...

From the Abundance of the heart : Catholic evangelism for all Christians by Stephen Cottrell

Stephen Cottrell’s joyful and vibrant book puts mission and evangelism back to the top of the agenda for Christians of all strands of catholic tradition. To many, the word ‘evangelism’ conjures up negative images of coercion and manipulation. Stephen Cottrell’s approach is realistic, generous, inclusive and creative.

He presents a vision of an evangelising church that will embrace Christians of every tradition, and explores practical ways of developing structures and ministries that will establish a culture of evangelism in local churches. Because the evangelical enterprise is for all of us, this book is for all of us; there will be leaders with special gifts and responsibilities but we should all pray, put the gospel of Christ before our personal liturgical and social preferences and nurture those who want to travel with us.

And there is the clue: Cottrell says that a very few people experience a sudden moment of conversion but research shows that most people come to Jesus as the result of a long journey.

Stephen Cottrell was last year’s Felix Arnott Lecturer.