Roscoe Library Resource of the Week

GraveTalk: A Cafe Space to Talk About Death, Dying and Funerals / Belinda Davies (2015)

From Eve James, Librarian at the Roscoe Library...

“It’s not easy to talk about death, dying and funerals.

GraveTalk is designed to get the conversation started. There are no answers — just thought-provoking questions to get you thinking — and talking. There are questions in five colour-coded sections: Life: what makes it special for you?; Death: memories and experience; Society: how our culture deals with death; Funerals: what happens and what could happen; and Grief: the reality of loss. The conversation cards are ideal for use in small groups.
Simply pick a card, and let the conversation begin. You do not have to work through them in any order or use all of them. They are just to get people talking. GraveTalk is part of the Church of England’s work around funerals and dying.”

This little kit can be borrowed from the Roscoe Library at St Francis College Milton, or you can buy a set for your self for around AU$23 by following this link