The Jesus Dojo

Imagine a world where we shifted our mindsets about worship: from worship services to service worship?

What if we gathered together to encourage each other towards love and good deeds by actually doing love and good deeds together in the name of Christ?

Jon Humphries shares:

"What if our worship was spiritual and faith practice joined as one? Where we listened for the Word of God who is Jesus as we reflected on Scripture by living out the teaching,  by actually feeding the hungry, clothing the naked, visiting the imprisoned, setting the captives free, helping the blind to see and proclaiming the time of the Lord's favour?

I love Mark Scandrette's concept of the 'Jesus dojo'. The idea of making faith an actual practice, where we practice our faith by exercising our faith in loving service to God and others at the same time in real and practical ways, is pretty inspiring.

The problem is that it requires me to step out of a perfectly safe boat (even one which seems to be slowly sinking) and step out with Jesus onto the water. What if I don't have enough faith and sink?
We all know what the right answer. I just would love some people to step out with me."